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Test Driven Development with Django & Django Rest Framework – Part 2

In case you missed it, check out part 1 of this series. TDD – Models, Forms, and Serializers Testing Tools docs Django Forms – docs Django ModelForms – docs Serializers – docs Test Objectives # test fields of the forms # test creation of form objects # test output of rendered forms # test form […]


Test Driven Development with Django – Part 1

Intro Here is the first tutorial we are going to go through.   I will be commenting as I progress through it. Models — Test-Driven Django Development v3.0 documentation After Completing Models Section:  This is a very gentle walk-through, assumes the reader knows only the most basic concepts of django. I like to use shell_plus to […]


First-Person Shooters and Geodesic Ballistics

Dare to ponder.. Have you ever noticed how nearly all first-person shooters assume that the earth is made up of interchangeable flat tiles? This is in part due to the obvious simplicity of doing your collision calculations in linear space instead of dealing with all this curvature bullshit. Except One Thing.. Many of these games […]


Unicode Obfuscation & Detecting Spam Over IRC

The Problem: A Botnet is spamming your server.  Spamfilter isn’t working.  Time to get crafty. “ΑTTⲚ: This ⅽhɑnᥒеl һɑs moᴠеd to irc.frеeᥒоdᥱ.net #⁄jоiᥒ” “AΤΤⲚ: Thⅰѕ chɑnnel haѕ moᴠed tഠ irc.frᥱeᥒoⅾе.nᥱt #/јoіn” “ATTΝ፡ Тhiѕ cһaᥒnel һas mоᴠed tഠ irc.frееnode.net ﹟∕jⲟin” “AТΤN: Thiѕ chaᥒᥒel has mоveⅾ to іrс.frеenoⅾе.ᥒᥱt #/јoⅰᥒ” “AТTN﹕ Thiѕ cһannеl һaѕ mo⋁eԁ to irc․freenoⅾᥱ․nеt #/јoіn” “ΑΤTN︓ Tһis chɑnnᥱl hаѕ moved tο irc.freenode.ᥒet #/ϳoiᥒ” “ΑTТN: Ꭲhis ϲһɑnnel һaѕ moᴠed to ⅰrc.frеeᥒoԁе.ᥒet #⧸joіn” “ATTN: This ⅽһannel һas mοvеd to irc.frᥱеnοԁе.net #/join” Notice […]


Everything You Need to Know About Cryptography with International Character Sets

Fuck this is going to get ugly fast. Let’s just get this over with, we both knew that this was a long time coming. The Basics. Encryption with International Character Sets Source: Cryptography with International Character Sets A Little Deeper Can you guess what this could be used for?  Exactly. Now use it to reverse […]


How To Read and Set Environmental and Shell Variables on Linux

All about the environment, and its many variables. In Linux systems, environmental and shell variables are used to determine operating conditions for the shell. They can be passed down to child processes and can be used to set options and make certain information available to processes that are spawned. Source: How To Read and Set […]


Shell Sessions and Screen  –  List, Detach, and Attach Windows

Prerequisites: Have Screen installed. $ sudo apt-get install screen   Okay.  Lets Begin. Start out with a new session $ screen Now do something and leave it running it in the background. $ python start_bot_service.py & Detaching Windows As it currently stands, if our shell closes or if we lose connection to the machine this […]


Django Admin & Text Filters

Read it. First things first, the docs. Some basics. Okay now here are some higher level concepts. And here’s what to you do when you’re lazy.  


Sick of disk failures?  Let’s learn to stop acting like such a casualOp.

RAID. WAT? Just relax, with a quick googling we snag a definition from wiki: RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is a data storage virtualization technology that combines multiple physical disk drive components into one or more logical units for the purposes of data redundancy, performance improvement, or both. Those are just words.  How does […]


Notes: PUBG, Elo, and Ranking Systems

And Now For Some Deets. But first, a quote: The PUBG system is instead split across static ratings with no guarantee as to the population size in each. Worse still, the PUBG system uses such huge ranges that the majority of players will be under one category, and the VAST majority under just two categories. […]